Friday, October 01, 2004 is a bookmarking tool


Fully indexed shared bookmarking system
Building blocks for reputation system
Can remove posts you don't like
Can hide all posts from a specific user
You can ignore keywords from a specific user
Keeps track of number of people that have bookmarked an item and uses that to rank the index entry
Active developer community adding 'hacks'
Posts are done via link bar javascripts including one which is a nice popup:
All the text above was pre-populated based on the page I was viewing ( in this case)
Main search screen is clean looking
Has dynamic keyword browsing with ability to add and remove keywords
Full RSS integration (keywords, users and queries)
You can 'subscribe' to users and search queries


Confusing UI
*Very* Slow (minutes at some points, and even at its best it was slow)
No toolbar
No 'shortcuts' which take you directly to the target page
Does not have an integrated personal vs all searchbox
Can can't be anonymous
Bookmarks are not searchable immediately
Homepage is browse and not search
Only does dynamic keyword browsing in the context of a single users bookmarks
This is probably a limitation of their underlying implementation


Probably the closest thing out there to what we are trying to do Performance and UI issues will keep them a nitch player for now