Friday, October 15, 2004

Evite and CitySearch joint effort to personalized online experience

One of the most interesting topics from Web 2.0 was personalized search. It was very clear that most search engines are collecting bookmarks and saving search history for more than one reason. Of course, bookmarks and history are great features. However, the goal is to collect enough information about the user to be able to add context to the search.

Well, other companies happened to already have both user communities and lots of information about them. InterActiveCorp owns Evite and CitySearch. IAC is aggregating the data from both sites to recommend things and places to its users. It basically looks at how your Evite friends rated and commented on CitySearch to provide insightful information about things you may be interested in.

Personalization is definitely making a difference in many areas besides search.

Here is a review from Clickz: