Monday, October 18, 2004

Groxis gets $12M from Draper Fisher Jurveston

From The Mercury News:

Groxis has not only moved from staid offices on a Sausalito wharf, it has also snagged $12 million from a number of venture investors led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

It follows that Groxis' tool, Grokker, differentiates itself from mainstream search players Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves by helping users to dig deeper in their searches. Grokker relies on search engines to do the crawling, but lists the results differently: according to subject, so that a search for Paris gives you a single page with several categories titled ``history,'' `museums,'' ``universities,'' ``hotels'' and so on.

The results are presented on the Web page in the shape of a sphere, and the user drills down within multiple layers of the sphere to search for exactly what they are looking for.

Finally, Groxis is selling its product to companies, which might like Groxis' ability to integrate an Intranet search with Web search and more (Groxis can also include search results from Lexis Nexis, IEEE, Web Library and so on, if a user has an account with such services).

The company says it has picked up more than 100 such customers, including Dell, Microsoft, U.S. Navy, CIA and Visa, though it hopes to announce some bigger deals later this year, when schools finalize purchasing plans. Groxis is sticking with its original plans -- announced last year -- to charge individuals $49 to download the software for more than the free 30-day test period.

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