Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lycos Debuts Social Sharing Platform

Lycos today announced the beta release of Lycos Circles, a "social sharing platform" that focuses on helping users keep in touch with people they already know, rather than on meeting new people.

"Lycos Circles gives users a one-stop shop for sharing things, discussing and staying in touch with their favorite circles of people," said David Kim, CEO of Lycos. "Lycos Circles helps you be more efficient at socializing and staying connected with family, friends and the groups you care about most."

Lycos intends to leverage the sites within its network to offer Circles users ways to create content with Web publishing, blog and photo album tools on Tripod and Angelfire; to find content, with Lycos People Search and Discussion Search; and to share that content through Lycos Circles, according to Lauren Bigelow, VP of product management.

"It's a publishing platform that's similar to a blog, but you decide who has permission to see each item. You get to decide how much you want to expose to each person," Bigelow said.