Monday, October 25, 2004

New mobile phone search service:


UpSnap turns your cell phone in to a search tool, offering free directory assistance lookups using SMS text messaging.

Using the service is simple and straightforward, either from your SMS-enabled cell phone or via Simply type the name and location of a business you're trying to find and UpSnap returns directory information. Your phone does not need a browser or the ability to connect to the internet to use the service.

The service is free and is supported by sponsored listings. To access the service from your phone, simply send a text message to 604.877.7627. Most carriers do not charge long-distance fees for SMS messages--you'll pay only the fees charged by your carrier for a message (if any).
The search system attempts to interpret your request intelligently. For example you can search for services, people, products and companies by telephone area code, by Zip Code or by U.S. airport code.

For example, to locate a Starbucks in San Francisco, you can use any of the following combinations: starbucks san francisco CA, starbucks san fran (partial match), starbucks 415 (by area code), starbucks 94118 (by Zip Code), starbucks SFO (by airport code).

If UpSnap can't understand your request, it sends your phone template with a pre-formatted search string. Edit the template and reply with your commands in the template format.
Advertisers have both paid placement and call-back service options. For more information see UpSnap's
For Advertisers section.

UpSnap is the brainchild of Tony Philipp, who built Lycos Europe and later worked with Vivisimo. Partners in the venture include web veterans Richard Jones from Fortunecity and Wendell Brown from Evoice.

Philipp says that future services will include white pages, shopping comparison, search and tracking of eBbay auctions and other services.

Other recently launched products in mobile search: (uses camera phone pictures of ads to send relevant information about the product)