Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dogpile's New Enhancements


IntelliFind builds on Dogpile metasearch's unique ability to search more of the Web by analyzing the likely intent behind every query and intelligently searching the sources most likely to return the best results. By limiting the sources queried to those most likely to contain the best-matched content, Dogpile now returns an even higher concentration of more accurate results to end users.

IntelliFind also extends Dogpile metasearch beyond leading engines such as Google, Yahoo! and AskJeeves to pull relevant results from a variety of vertical content sources such as white pages, news, audio, video and images. Results from these content sources are reported at the top of results pages, above the Web search results, for easy access. Building on this functionality, Dogpile also today announced new vertical content partnerships with and Singingfish.