Tuesday, November 16, 2004

New search related patents

List of latest search patents:

Personalized search methods including combining index entries for categories of personal dataAssignee: Ask Jeeves, Inc.Awarded: November 9, 2004

System and method for mobile electronic messagingAssignee: YahooAwarded: November 2, 2004

Method and computer program product for color coding search resultsAssignee: IBMAwarded: October 26, 2004

Method and apparatus for query-specific book marking and data collectionAssignee: HPAwarded: October 26, 2004NOTE: Krishna Bharat, now a Google employee (and a principal architect of Google News), is listed as inventor.

Method and apparatus for finding information on the internetAssignee: IBMAwarded: October 5, 2004

System for creation of visual representation of dataAssignee: Plumb DesignAwarded: October 5, 2004NOTE: Plum Design, now known as Thinkmap, offers VisualThesaurus.com

Method for scoring documents in a linked database Assignee: Stanford UniversityAwarded: September 28, 2004Note: Google co-founder Larry Page is listed as the inventor. This is a continuation of this patent, awarded in 2001.

Metasearch technique that ranks documents obtained from multiple collectionsAssignee: NextPageAwarded: September 21, 2004

Automatically initiating an internet-based search from within a displayed documentAssignee: IBMAwarded: August 31, 2004

System and method for rapid completion of data processing tasks distributed on a networkAssignee: Overture ServicesAwarded: August 10, 2004

Method and apparatus to restrict free hyperlinking by internet content distributors to web sites of original content producersAssignee: IBMAwarded: August 3, 2004