Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wondir, very familiar model

Wondir is a question-answer service still in beta. John Battelle just interviewed its founder, Matthew Koll.

I was amazed to learn that Wondir's strategy is practically an exact copy of our initial vision. First of all, they realized that depth and scale come from focusing on vertical markets (groups) first, so they sold the service to ichef.com, ratemyteachers.com and icerocket. Secondly, they came up with a model that shares AdSense advertising with the answerer. Thirdly, they incorporated a reputation system that ranks answerers based on a 5 stars model.

John Battelle seems to like the model a lot. He even envisions the top 5 "search" gurus sharing a Wondir platform to provide their readers with answers and make money doing it. Does it sound familiar? I am pleased to know the model is appealing enough to have John excited about using a new product to help his community and get paid.

Here is John Battelle's article: