Thursday, February 24, 2005

Vimeo: Flickr for Video

From reports on Vimeo, a folksonomy site that promises to do for video what Flickr has done for images.

It's still in closed beta, but eventually you'll be able to organize and share clips, check out your friends' clips, and assemble multiple clips into what they call "automatic movies."
Check out an automatic movie about 'funny things'
here. is generally recognized as the first folksonomy on the web and is significant for a number of reasons, particularly because it helps push users down the tail to find sites within their interest segments that they might not otherwise be able to locate. Think of it as Friendster for websites.

The real power in folksonomies, particularly the image and video versions that Flickr and Vimeo offer, lies in the creation of rich meta-data. As the role of the search engine evolves from helping users locate flat .html pages to providing access to content pages across multiple categories (images, RSS, video, SKUs, local info, etc.), there needs to be some mechanism to help the search engines interpret what these sites are about.

Of course, with the good comes the bad, with more dubious results stemming from the perceived vulnerability of folksonomies to some awkward naming conventions and spam, particularly once the public adoption curve kicks in.