Friday, October 28, 2005

SearchFox RSS Makes It To The Top

SearchFox RSS has been selected one of the top six RSS readers among the best 33 offerings in the market. Jdey Aref compiled a great report and selected the top six RSS readers based on the following criteria: subscription model, workflow and ease of use.

It's very exciting to see SearchFox making it to the top. However, I would like to see a similar report with emphasis on how good RSS readers are at helping people be more productive processing information, isn't that the bottom line?

First generation RSS readers were very good at allowing users access several sources form one place. Unfortunately, the model breaks rather quickly and makes the information overload problem even bigger.

The key feature of the next generation RSS readers is "intelligence". We need systems that learn what we like and don't, and rank incoming posts based on what's most important to the user. SearchFox is the first RSS reader to offer this technology, and users are reporting reading time cut in half. Again, I am happy to see SearchFox on top but I am expecting to see it ahead of the curve, as "intelligence" becomes essential in the RSS world.